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Lab time not pulling in with registrar reconciliation report

Bradley Wolf 6 years ago updated by Mitchel Hamm 6 months ago 6

When running the registrar reconciliation for Fall courses, only one of the two Laboratory/Discussion sections is pulling. For example, CHE 002A A05 CRN 14985 is only pulling the 1 hour discussion time, but is showing none for the date, start time, end time, and room location for the laboratory (M 7:10-10:00pm SILEC 1059). 

Under review

Thanks Brad, we'll take a look.

As an update, I added a new section to CHE 002A, Section F, and those lab times did populate in the registrar report. It looks as though any courses that existed before this term did not have all the course information (Lecture, Lab/Discussion, Lab/Discussion) pull in and doesn't show in the registrar reconciliation report.

Hi Brad,

The report will search against the sections you have listed in IPA, e.g. A, B, C. If you added a section sequence 'G' in Banner but not IPA, it will not show on the Registrar Reconciliation Report.

Would it be useful for us to change that behavior (and does that capture what you have reported)?

Hi Christopher,

I don't think I explained my updated comment very well. We had 2A Section F added in Banner, but I had not yet built that section in IPA. Once I added it, the Lecture, Laboratory/Discussion, Laboratory/Discussion pulled for each 2A F section. 

The sections that were created already (2A A-E Sections) are still not showing the second Laboratory/Discussion section, even though that information is in Banner. There is both a 1 hour discussion and a 3 hour lecture for each 2A course. 


Thank you Bradley, I understand. We'll get investigating and will let you know when a fix is ready.

If you have any thoughts about how to make the Banner reconciliation process easier (e.g. an "Accept All" for certain courses or fields), let me know. This is an area that needs improvement.