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"undo" on reconciliation report

Kerry Hasa 5 years ago updated by Lloyd Wheeler 5 years ago 3


How do I undo if I said yes and realized it wasn't correct? I told several to match Banner, then realized Banner was wrong.


Does it keep checking against Banner and show up again if it no longer matches – like a room move after the quarter starts?



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Hi Kerry,

There are always two choices in the Reconciliation Report: "change in IPA" and "mark to change in Banner".

If you selected "mark to change in Banner", it merely adds an item to your "Banner to-do list" on the right side of the screen. Find the entry in that to-do list that corresponds with your action and click the 'X'. That will effectively undo the action.

If you selected "mark to change in IPA", there is no undo functionality. We do keep daily backups of the IPA database and can restore what your data looked like in the morning. But this may also remove other changes you may have made throughout the day.

Let me know if this helps and if we need to do anything to proceed.


So if I entered a course in Banner and IPA that was reconciled, then I made a change to IPA tomorrow, then would it show up on the report again since they no longer match? Just trying to be sure I understand how it is working! Ii'm learning it is more difficult when two people are working on scheduling!

Hi Kerry,

That is correct - if you 'reconciled' all differences between IPA and Banner so they agreed completely on courses/seats/instructors/locations/etc and then you changed some of that information in IPA, The registrar reconciliation report would show a difference again.

You have it exactly right, at its core the reconciliation report is to help you find things that don't match between Banner and IPA