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Tagging Courses by Quarter

Kerry Hasa 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2


Is there a way to tag a course by quarter? So for example, Edu 292 is in different programs. For Section 004, Fall 2018 it is in the MA, in Winter 2019 it is PhD and in Spring 2019 it will be in TE. The tagging is super helpful, especially when looking at scheduling, but for me to keep all sections in the same program gets really complicated and means I have to add a lot more sections. 

Any ideas?



Under review

Hi Kerry,

Right now there is no way to tag individual course offerings on a per term basis, but its something we've looked at in the past and are still investigating.

The only way currently I can think of doing that currently would be if you have a course that has the same course number and subject code, but is substantially different from term to term, would be to use the sequence pattern to differentiate them.

For example:

EDU 292  - 004 (with an ME tag

EDU 292  - 005 (with a PhD tag)

EDU 292  - 006 (with a TE tag)

Thanks, that is basically what I am doing, but it is a lot harder than it seems!