Teaching Call respondant feedback

William Angel 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 1

As Chemistry has sent out a teaching call through IPA, one of the issues we've run into is that some faculty aren't properly going through the "Submit" button -> "Confirm" flow. We've had a couple just hit submit and close the window, and a couple others just put their preferences in and close the window. 

It's not a ton of people -- and even in a big department it's no problem to follow up with them in person -- but I figured it was worth mentioning, if a solution (maybe more visual interest in the existing submission flow, or an on-close dialog?) could be found that didn't disrupt the experience of everyone who was managing to use it correctly. 

Thanks, have a good one!


Hi William,

Thank you for letting us know. Apologies for the late reply on this.

We made a recent change to show a browser warning if someone attempts to close the window or tab without hitting Submit if they've entered data. Regardless, we store all data immediately without needing the 'Submit' button, so no data should be lost. Worst case if they don't hit the 'Submit' button is the checkmark next to their name in the Teaching Call Status screen won't appear.