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Enrollment Totals by row and column

anonymous 5 years ago updated by Meshell Louderman 5 years ago 2

It would be great to have a summary of how many seats are planned in each quarter and across the entire year. This could update depending on what we are viewing. Quarterly totals at the bottom of each column. Annual totals across each row and across the bottom.

For me, as long as I can see the quarterly per course totals like we see now in the blue boxes that's sufficient. I can see the need for annual and quarterly totals summing enrollments, but it's not crucial for me at this point. We haven't talked much about the 'reports' that we'll be able to access at some point as well. It makes sense that there will be a report that will show these enrollment summaries. Do you need to see them on the Teaching Preferences screen though, instead of having to run a report?