Support Staff Assignments

Bradley Wolf 7 years ago updated by Lloyd Wheeler 7 years ago 4

When Academic Planners are entering in support assignments, if a support staff has entered preferences for a course, it doesn't allow you to lock in the assignment. Chemistry - Summer Session 1 2017-18 - Support Staff Bryan Owens-Baird has a top preference for CHE 124A -001 (TA). Bryan has entered comments to that course, but I am unable to assign him his top preference in the "By Support Staff View".

When I view "By Course" and go to assign one of my 50% TA appointments, Bryan does not show up on the list of available support staff to choose for that assignment. Bryan was assigned a course, but his support call was deleted and resent multiple times.

Support Staff Kelsey Mesa has not submitted any preferences (as of 11:04am on 5/16/17) and is able to be assigned, but SS Bryan does not show for any course he ranked on his preferences.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for documenting this issue. I will be looking into it today and will let you know when it is resolved.