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Add a feature to find an optimal match from professor preference to course needs

jkm 3 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 1

I'm on our undergraduate committee in my department and last year we discussed the pains of scheduling manually. It turns out that you can write a constrained optimization problem to find the best fit to fill course need slots for each year with out manual intervention. I've worked on this problem for my courses where I have to assigned students to a set of teams based on their ranking and a desire to maximize the change they get a team they want. I've already thought about writing this for our department for the class matching situation but now they've introduced this tool. Our undergraduate advisor informed me that the tool doesn't have an algorithm to form the professor to course match automatically. I'm writing to let you all know that this is a possibility and that I have interest in developing it from a academic perspective. If interested, feel free to contact me.

Under review

I think this would be a terrific feature. We've briefly investigated constraint solvers in the past and opted to revisit them once our original feature requirements were met.

I'd like to meet to discuss this. Do you have availabilities Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? Could you e-mail me your office address at cmthielen@ucdavis.edu?