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user roles - academic administrator

Kerry Hasa 5 years ago updated by Lloyd Wheeler 5 years ago 3

Hi - I have two Academic Administrators who teach. Is that going to be a role or should I make them Lecturers?


Under review

Hi Kerry,

With a recent update IPA now supports a number of different 'instructor types'.

You can manage these via your workgroup configuration page, under 'people and roles' and then 'instructor'.

There are 8 options currently, does one of these work for your academic administrators?

Hi Lloyd

Yeah, I actually realized it when I was fixing my instructor types. I can make one work. If anyone else asks though, academic administrator would be helpful. Only if others want it too, I don't know how many are on campus. I can use generic Instructor for now.


Well good! And yep, the generic 'instructor' was intended as a more generic option that is ideally used rarely.

I'll make a note of the academic administrator type and we'll investigate it further.