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Christopher, to follow up on this post.  I can confirm that people do not "fall off" after they leave or are not in PPS.  My new issue, but related, is I want to remove or not see a particular instructor for a particular year.  If an instructor leaves, I cannot remove them because they disappear from the course listing pages of past years, so I have to leave them.  Since I can’t remove them, I keep seeing them year after year.  How can I "hide" them for a particular year(s)?

I think both (including the table headers) would be appreciated.

Chris, I just realized that the "By Instructor" view did download after all.  what happened is that for some reason it seems to download both views (regardless of which view you are looking at) and puts them on separate "sheets" within the excel document.  I didn't notice that earlier.  Sorry about that.

That should be fine.  I printed directly from the instructor view page.  Not ideal but it works good enough for now.


Thanks so much for doing this Christopher.

Yep, I see now that I've gone back in that the courses now appear in numerical order.  Now that I see that the courses self corrected, this issue isn't really an issue for me.  I'm not sure if I would have a need to have courses be out of numerical order.  Maybe others might have a need though.  Maybe it's something to keep on the list and see if you get more requests or at some point survey users about possible feature upgrades.


This is GREAT!!!  Please add the following courses:

ECS32A   Intro to Programming and Problem Solving

ECS32B   Intro to Programming and Problem Solving

ECS34     Software Development in UNIX and C/C++

ECS36A   Programming and Problem Solving

ECS36B   Software Development and Object-Oriented Programming in C++

ECS36C   Data Structures, Algorithms, and Programming

Thanks so much for doing this!!!


Christopher, when I print the Assignments report, it doesn't format correctly.  It would be nice if a person's section wasn't cut right in the middle and it would be nice if the headers showed at the top of the page instead of somewhere in the middle of each page.  Thanks!

Actually, the message says "server" is slow.

I definitely can see the purpose of closing it. I noticed today that I hadn't added in some instructors for WQ that were delayed until they got put in PPS. Then time got away from me and I just realized today, that I never got them into the system. In the future, I'll try to be more careful about making sure everything is in there by the end of the quarter. I'll let you know if it continues to be an issue for me. FYI, for this year, I just made a comment in the notes field for the particular instructor that they also taught a class in WQ.