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Thanks for letting us know!

I just pushed a fix, and the issue should now be resolved.

Hi Kerry,

Right now there is no way to tag individual course offerings on a per term basis, but its something we've looked at in the past and are still investigating.

The only way currently I can think of doing that currently would be if you have a course that has the same course number and subject code, but is substantially different from term to term, would be to use the sequence pattern to differentiate them.

For example:

EDU 292  - 004 (with an ME tag

EDU 292  - 005 (with a PhD tag)

EDU 292  - 006 (with a TE tag)

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for elaborating. I could see other departments benefiting from this feature as well.

Hi Kerry,

Thats a good idea, I've made a note of it and will see if we can tackle it in the near future.

Hi Kerry,

That is an interesting idea.

When you need to make a TA/reader assignment, do you have the individual and specific course in mind and just need to navigate to it quickly?

Or do you have an individual in mind that needs a TAship, and then review the courses that are marked as needing a TA, to find the best fit for that individual? If thats the case, would it be helpful to further indicate courses that have been allocated TAs, but have no TA assignments currently?

Or something else entirely?

Hi Kerry,

That is correct - if you 'reconciled' all differences between IPA and Banner so they agreed completely on courses/seats/instructors/locations/etc and then you changed some of that information in IPA, The registrar reconciliation report would show a difference again.

You have it exactly right, at its core the reconciliation report is to help you find things that don't match between Banner and IPA

Well good! And yep, the generic 'instructor' was intended as a more generic option that is ideally used rarely.

I'll make a note of the academic administrator type and we'll investigate it further.

Hi Kerry,

With a recent update IPA now supports a number of different 'instructor types'.

You can manage these via your workgroup configuration page, under 'people and roles' and then 'instructor'.

There are 8 options currently, does one of these work for your academic administrators?

Hi Bill,

Thank you very much for letting us know, we will have that fixed shortly.

Hi Brad,

The feature is now live, when making a support call you can now select one or the other, or both of the availability collection options. If you select both options it will allow the student to both paint, and supply CRNs to set their availability (per your scenario).